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Support Your Local Library: A Gothic Pub Rock

Thursday 27 January 2022
Time: 20:00
Price: £8.00
Image representing Support Your Local Library: A Gothic Pub Rock

Support Your Local Library: A Gothic Pub Rock Opera is an hour-long comedic rock opera that invites audiences on an insightful and entertaining journey along the shelves of their local library.

This show is a comedy theatre show, performed by Black Liver, a musical duo, comedy double act and real-life couple. An all-singing spectacular, extravagant, dazzling, larger than life, book lending, operatic, rock of pages. Performed by two people.

Black Liver are inspired by their own personal library experiences, stories in books and the people that read them, the origins and history of the public library and why they want to reminds everyone that the public library is just as relevant and vital to the community as it's ever been.

Have you ever wondered what wild goings on happen behind those library doors?

What happens when we're not there?

Hear the funny tales, silly stories and ridiculous songs inspired by the goings on at your local library.

Who is Black Liver?

Ruth is from Blackpool. Keith is from Liverpool.

They are Black Liver.

They are on a crusade to help you support your local library, using the powers of music and comedy.

Ruth & Keith dare to break the silence and will keep you singing, smiling and remembering to take your books back on time.

This story is well over due.

How to book

To book tickets visit Skiddle - Support Your Local Library: A Gothic Pub Rock.


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