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Breathwork for Wellbeing Taster session

Tuesday 27 September 2022
Time: 11:00
Price: £15.00
Image representing Breathwork for Wellbeing Taster session

Chance to try out a new holistic technique in health management.

Breathwork enables you to manage stress, control overthinking and lots of mental health issues. It can also help you to manage physical health issues.

Come along and test it out. A relaxed session and chance to chat with the qualified coach afterwards if you decide to take up a course.

About the session

Georgina will begin the session by opening the group circle with a new self-development theme each week. These themes not only give you a chance to reflect upon your own lives and find areas to grow and develop in, but they can also be deeply healing as we connect with other peoples experiences of life and hold space for them to understand themselves on a deeper level too.

Setting intentions together for a peaceful and powerful practice, we will use somatic movements to connect with the body and identify where we may be holding tension so that we can release this build up and feel more embodied. Georgina will then guide you through a conscious breathwork session. By bringing awareness to the breath in this deep dive, we allow ourselves to go beyond the stories and understanding of the world we live in.

Many of us are looking for answers and in these sessions we learn to let go of the thinking mind and trust our hearts and intuition to show the way.

Breathwork has been proven to help clear restricted breathing patterns, reduce anxiety, soothe the nervous system, release negative thought patterns, trauma, tension and blockages.

A beautiful natural medicine which helps people to better their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

This session is £15. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.


Other times on Tuesday 27 September

There are no further occurrences on this date

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