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Women's History Month Events in Preston

Posted: 18 March 2022

Vintage image of women in Preston running the Sailors and Soldiers buffet.

This March is Women's History Month, and there is still a chance to mark the occasion with one of the Friends of Winckley Square's fantastic walks and talks. These events are the perfect way to learn about the historical women of Preston - their plights and their fights -  and take place in Winckley Square Gardens.

Extraordinary Women of Winckley Square

  • Date: Sunday 20 March
  • Time: 2pm - 3.15pm

Listen to the unsung stories of some remarkable women of Winckley Square whose lives have been recently researched. Patricia Harrison shares the lives of some of these Extraordinary Women of Winckley Square, including:

Frances Winckley: After whom the Square is named, led a remarkable life and was visited by Queen Victoria on the day she died.

Ellen Cross: A widow who drove through the realisation of the vision for the Square, confounding the assumptions about women at the time.

Cornelia Connelly: A mother of five who became an abbess established Catholic schools in Preston. A life marked by great achievement and personal tragedy, all played out in the newspapers of the day.

Beatrice Todd: A suffragist who led the station buffet during WWI. When men were dying in battle and their babies dying from inadequate provision at home, she established mother and baby care in Preston and Leyland.

To book your place on this walk and talk visit Eventbrite - Extraordinary Women of Winckley Square Guided Walk or email Patricia Harrison: patricia@winckley.org.uk.

Edith Rigby Guided Walk

  • Date: Saturday 26 March
  • Time: 10am - 12pm

Discover more about the life of Edith Rigby, Preston's most famous suffragette, through the Friends of Winckley Square's guided walk. The walk starts in the centre of Winckley Square Gardens and takes you to where Edith was born, followed by refreshments in the lovely cafe at the Central Methodist Church where Edith married Charles Rigby.

The walk also takes you to Miller Park, where Edith was suspected of tarring Lord Derby's Statue. If you look carefully you can still see the tar.

To book your place on this walk and talk visit Eventbrite - Edith Rigby Walk or or email Patricia Harrison: patricia@winckley.org.uk.

Winckley Square Former Residents Guided Walk

  • Date: Wednesday 30 March
  • Time: 2pm - 3.15pm

One of the most popular of Winckley Square Guided Walks, this walk tells the stories of the square's former residents - famous and infamous. Winckley Square is more than the gardens and the buildings that surround them, it's also about the lives of the people who populated this area for over 200 years. Men and women who had a profound impact on Preston and far beyond.

Guides will introduce you to characters from the past and share their stories. Starting with the vision for the Square and the first house in 1799, you will encounter real people who made history - both men and women who had a profound impact on Preston and far beyond. 

To book your place on this walk and talk visit Eventbrite - Winckley Square Former Residents Guided Walk or or email Patricia Harrison: patricia@winckley.org.uk.

More Tours and Trails

You can learn about women of Preston through Winckley Square Guided Walks, or take the self-guided Beatrice Blackhurst Trail to learn more about her important role in the Soldiers and Sailors Free Buffet and see the locations around the city centre related to her life and work. 

You can also celebrate Women's History Month by reading about the city's famous Suffragette, Edith Rigby, followed by a visit to her home through the Preston Blue Plaque Trail. Not forgetting to read about the renowned Dick, Kerr Ladies, followed by a visit to their memorial at the Deepdale Stadium or see their commemorative plaque on Ashton Park

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