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Fish-eye view of The MET venue stage from the seating area.

MET (first outing) 30th June - 30th July 2023

The MET (Mobile Event Tent) is one of Preston's newest and most exciting entertainment venues. The adaptable venue delivers events day and night. You will find daytime events for children, such as workshops, arts and crafts, and entertainment in the form of children's story time and performances. Adults are catered for with workshops and exhibitions during the day, and evening entertainment such as comedy nights, theatre, and live music.

The fresh and dynamic venue celebrates Preston's art and culture scene, and can pop up around the city where needed - including for the Lancashire Encounter Festival.

The MET is a fully accessible space developed by Preston Partnership and Preston City Council, in partnership with 'In Certain Places' - a research centre within UCLan's School of Arts and Media. It has been designed by project architect Charlie MacKeith of Research Design, while visual artist Jenny Steele was appointed to curate interiors to reflect Preston's diverse cultural heritage. 

What's on at The MET

For upcoming events taking place at The MET see our What's on.

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