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The MET returns to Ribbleton: bringing culture and community to Preston

25 June 2024

The MET (Mobile Event Tent), a revolutionary arts centre that travels directly to Preston neighbourhoods, will be in Ribbleton from 8 July to 4 August.  

It will take residency at Ribbleton's Tesco car park and will offer a diverse range of free activities and events from a Photography Mindfulness workshop to Bollywood Dancers, all tailored to bring together the local community.  

The MET will be a month-long event, providing local artists and performers with a platform to showcase their talents and connect with the community. It will aim to engage residents who might not otherwise participate in cultural events such as Ribbleton Boys' performance and workshops by local professionals like Aziz Ibrahim highlight the rich cultural diversity and talent within Preston. 

Programme Highlights

  • Soft Play for Preschool Toddlers - 9 July 
  • Photography Mindfulness Workshop - 11 July 
  • Bollywood Dancing - 11 July 
  • Latin & Ballroom Dancing - 15 July 
  • Making Music with Mobile Devices - 29 July 
  • Family Quiz - 26 July 
  • Teen Turn-Up - 3 August 

For more information on the events taking place see The MET 2024.

Sarah Threlfall, Director of Community and Wellbeing for Preston City Council said:  

"We are thrilled to see The MET returning to Ribbleton this summer. Last year it welcomed hundreds of people from across Preston and wider and we once again look forward to seeing Ribbleton come alive with creativity and connection during this exciting programme. This initiative not only brings a diverse range of cultural activities directly to the community but also fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among residents."  

Charles Quick, Professor of Public Art Practice, Co Curator In Certain Places, said:  

"The MET is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when creative people, institutions and communities come together. It celebrates and supports the cultural resources of the communities it visits. The importance of culture to community's well-being cannot be underestimated. It brings people together and unifies groups while empowering them." 

This community-focused initiative involves local residents in the planning process and asking for their input on desired events, ensuring the programme is relevant and reflects the diversity of its surroundings.  

With its transformative capabilities, The MET evolves into an auditorium, accommodating up to 100 spectators, and providing an ideal stage for performances, music, theatre, meetings, and film screenings. 

What truly sets The MET apart is its mobility. By venturing beyond the city centre and into neighbourhoods where cultural opportunities are limited, The MET bridges gaps and breaks down barriers. This impressive mobile event tent ensures that everyone, regardless of location, has the chance to participate, learn, and be inspired. 

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MET Stage