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Vegan-friendly cafés in Preston

Bob and Berts

Delicious food and drink day and night.

Brew + Bake

Fill up on traditional favourites with a Brew + Bake twist.


Let Brucciani's take you back in time.


A vibrant South American retreat.

Delishus by Saladishy

A unique and healthy fine dining experience.

Origin Bakehouse

Unwind with gourmet cakes, coffee, and hot food.


Quality lunch and cakes in a quaint city centre café.


The home of brunch, with a unique Rise. twist.

Starbucks Fishergate

Relax in style at Fishergate's Starbucks.

Tea House

Dishes and drinks bursting with flavours from around the world.

Town House Coffee and Brew Bar

Enticing teas, smoothies and energy-boosting coffee.

Tuscany Café

Preston's hidden gem for authentic Italian dining.