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Yin and Gin at The Aviary

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Yin and Gin at The Aviary

An hour of gentle yin yoga in a relaxed and comfortable environment, followed by a gin (or alternative drink) and a natter.

The yoga element will finish at 8pm (ish) but the space upstairs is available until 9pm, so feel free to stay and natter for as little or as long as you like.
You are also welcome to remain at The Aviary and continue chatting/socialising once the event has ended at 9pm.

Yin yoga is a style of yoga where poses can be held for between 3 and 5 minutes on each side and is mainly done sitting or lying on a mat, focusing on flexibility and relaxation by targeting the fascia.
Fascia is a connective tissue which surrounds and supports every organ, bone, blood vessel, nerve fibre, and muscle in the body - it is magical!
The event is suitable for all levels and abilities, even if you have never done yoga before.

Mats, yoga blocks and blankets will be provided.
There will be pillows to borrow but please bring your own if you would prefer something familiar
Please wear comfy clothes (leggings/tracksuit bottoms, and a comfy top), and if you'd like, you can bring a jumper and some cosy socks for relaxation at the end (the best bit).

Come and join this little yoga community to relax, connect and unwind - you deserve it.

Booking and Pricing

This yoga session costs £20.

To book your place visit Book When - Amy Farnworth Yoga - Yin & Gin @ The Aviary.

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