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Pope Lane Field

Located on the East side of Preston, Pope Lane Field is a 37 Acre Local Nature Reserve, once used as a recreation field. The site makes up a section of the Guild Wheel, making it a great place for a leisurely cycle or stroll. Here you can spot wildflowers in the tall grasslands where shelter is provided for insects, birds, and mammals.

If you're looking to make a day of it, you'll also find Boilton Wood nearby as well as Grange Park, providing a great day out packed with nature.

Habitat and wildlife

The reserve provides good hunting ground for birds of prey, such as buzzards, and shelter in the summer for roe deer.

The marshy grassland is damp and has many ruts and hollows, providing a home to different types of plants including rushes and sedge. The damp grounds are also the ideal habitat for great crested newts which breed in the ponds outside the reserve. Adding some extra beauty to the scene, Orchids have also been spotted growing amongst the grasses.


Pope Lane Field is managed and maintained by Preston City Council.

How to get there

Turn off M6 at Junction 31 and take A59 for Preston. Turn right at the roundabout along Blackpool Road (A5085). At the first set of traffic lights turn right onto Miller Road, past two rows of shops where Miller Road becomes Pope Lane. Vehicles may be parked at the end of Pope Lane and access to the Local Nature Reserve is on foot over the motorway bridge.

Map address for Pope Lane Field

  • Pope Lane Field, Pope Lane, Preston, PR2 6HB.
  • Miller Road, Preston, PR2 6NL.