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Preston's parks' history

Step back in time and find out about Preston's historic parks. From Moor Park, the city's oldest park dating back to an incredible 1235, to the cotton themed beginnings of Avenham and Miller Park, each green landmark has a fascinating history to discover.

Ashton park

Delve into a history going back a couple of hundred years with numerous changed ownership.

Avenham and Miller Parks

Insights into a colourful history dating back to cotton themed beginnings in the 1860s.

Grange Park history

Discover how the park was developed from the grounds of the historic Ribbleton Hall.

Haslam Park history

Find out how the park progressed from open pasturelands back in 1910 to lush landscaped parkland.

Moor Park history

Discover the deep and rich history of Preston's largest and oldest park dating back to 1235.

Winckley Square and Gardens history

Explore history behind Preston's stunning square and gardens dating back to 1801.